Add fees in crypto currency buy operation

Hello folks, I am registering my crypto transactions into PP but it seems there is no way to add transactions fees in BTC. To give you an example, I downloaded the 2021 year transactions csv file from Binance and in addition to relevant columns like DATE, PAIR, PRICE and EXECUTED, there is a column called FEE which specifies the transaction fees in BTC, like 0.0000081400.
What’s the best approach? Did you encounter the same issue?

Do you have any ideas?

Unfortunately, that is correct.
PP treats cryptos as “instruments” and not “currency”. And it allows only to record fees and taxes in currencies.**
I fear you have to reduce the number of BTC by the fees, and the record the fees in your target currency (say EUR or USD).

** It would be nice to change that, however, but the current code does not allow for that precision. It would be very big undertaking.