Add invested capital in one account to charts

Is it possible to add a chart that would show invested capital in the selected Account and not overall?
I have something like that for everything, but would like to have different charts for different accounts (or types of investments).

Screenshot 2020-09-05 at 11.37.27

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hello, also interested !

is this something doable ?


This is something I was looking for as well. Hopefully it is somehow possible to achieve this…?

I haven’t found a way :frowning:

I’m also looking for this. Only way I see currently is to split up various accounts but that’s not ideal and not what I want.

Would be nice if this could be created

Hi all,
someone can find solution for this question?

I noticed we can add widget with Invested capital with filter by data series, and only shows the invested capital for this filter.

But seems this filter is not possible to configure in the graph…
do you know how to can suggest the creator to add this feature on the graph?


Corresponding German-language thread:

What do you think you just did?

thanks @chirlu, i don’t speak german, but… i asking by Invested capital in the charts(with possibility to filter like widgete), not delta…

thanks in advance! :slight_smile: