Add LS to exchange


Trade republic uses Lang & Schwarz exchange for prices over ETFs.

Is there already a way to select specifically L&S as a reference?

I can select multiple as securities in PP. But I would like to get the values from L&S. Is it possible? If yes, what is the best way?

short answer: not easily

long answer: since there is no price history table/page on the link you’ve sent it will not be easy.

if for some reason you believe this exchange should quote different prices for instruments you use, you can try to read the request made for plotting the graph.

I found the feed url from the page you’ve linked:

as you can see it uses a “custom” instrumentId = 10456258 which you’ll have to find for the instruments you want to track. Also check TOC for if they are happy for you to leech this data.

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The best way is to use the price source with the best quality and highest liquidity, which certainly isn’t L&S; even less in the evening, when the reference markets (in particular Xetra) are closed.

If you still think it’s a great idea, use Ariva, like usual.