Add % on sub total and total in Statement of assets

Hi; I am new to Portfolio Performance. Thanks for the great work. I haven’t been able to figure out a way to get a performance % calculation for subtotal of assets and total. It would be great to have it in the statement of assets and “Securities account” view. I know it is somewhat available in the dasboard view, but it isn’t “viewing friendly” if I may say. I am attaching a screenview of how my reporting looks like and where the % would ideally be. Thanks again to the developers of this great app

Portfolio Perf wish list change.pdf (749.5 KB)

That will never happen for an absolute performance, because it makes no sense to sum it up. That is no valid indicator.

On relative return or to compare it with a benchmark, this can be helpful. Seeing your day gain / loss %, weekly and so on is helpful to me.

Such a function has been requested from time to time. However, the argument against it was that it is extremely difficult to calculate accurate historical values, especially when split taxonomies and/or different currencies have to be considered.

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