Adding a starting watch date and value for a stock in a watchlist

Hi, is there a way to add a starting date and value for a stock in a watchlist ? Or does it need it to be added as a purchase of stock in a separate file ? Adding a watch start is convenient. Thank you

In the sidebar: General Data/Settings under “Attributes:Securities”, “Attributes:Accounts”, “Attributes:Deposits” add the desired attributes with (+).

A securities attribute added in this way then appears in the securities under “Add new attribute” (this is a heading and not a menu item) and can be selected.

Thank you. Much appreciated

Is there a way to calculate a price and percentage change from the start watch date ? Thanks

Hey twmint,

I have the following idea you could try:
go to /General Data/Settings/Attributes Securities
add a new attribute with the “+” similar to what @Rafa said.
Rather than setting up a “Quote” set up a “Limit”. The “Limit” has the advantage over the “Quote” that you are offered “Attribute Settings” at the bottom of the page. You can allocate colors as well as absolute and relative differences.

Add the newly created attribute to the security as Rafa outlined, /Securities/All Secutities/[your security]/Edit…/Additional Attributes/+ and give it a value.

In the table /Securities/All Secutities/[Gear]/Attributes you can chose your new attribute to be shown as a new column