Adding fees to a security transfer

I need to register fees for a security transfer but this isn’t possible wit PP v0.52.0


  • How do you go around this limitation ? My workaround is to register an Delivery (Outbound) to reflect the transfer fee ; Is there a better way ?

  • Is there a feature request pending for this ?

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you can add fees manually. like you do with your workaround.

the difference is, a fee will have a negative impact on your Etherum performance, while the outbound delivery will not.

I created a Deposit Account named “Gas / Transactions” to deal with this.
Whenever I have a transfer or fees, I make 2 transactions
Example with 1 ETH

  1. The actual transfer (eg 0.995 ETH from Coinbase to Ledger)
  2. The gas fees (eg 0.005 ETH sold for $0.01) - credit to “Gas / Transaction” deposit account.

This gas fee goes the my “Gas / Transactions” account as currency and then I make a “Fee” transaction to zero it out.