Adding Historical/Current Data for Japanese funds

Hey all,

I just started using this program and tried to add a Japanese S&P 500 Mutual Fund. (It has Tax Advantages)

Anyways, even after looking around the forums I can’t figure out how to scrape historical and current data :confused:

Here are a couple of websites that might work for getting the data.

(Fund Website) eMAXIS Slim 米国株式(S&P500) | eMAXIS

(Yahoo Finance Japan) eMAXIS Slim米国株式(S&P500)【03311187】:詳細情報:投資信託 - Yahoo!ファイナンス

I’d greatly appreciate any help!

At least the URL should work, only need to change to the historical prices rather than the overview.

Thanks for the reply!
I totally missed that, portfolio performance was able to pick up the table!

Thanks a lot!