Adding inflation index for UK

Hi - I’d like to do some compare perfroamce against inflation.
I was adding a CPI index to the all securities … which looked promising as it automatically pulled in “United Kingdom (HICP)” from eurostat hicp.

However, the latest date for quote was Nov 2020, even though when I clicked on “show server response” it showed more current data "{“version”:“2.0”,“class”:“dataset”,“label”:“HICP - monthly data (index)”,“source”:“ESTAT”,“updated”:“2023-08-31T11:00:00+0200”…

Why am I not seeing the later data?

sorry - looking more closely at the data returned I see that it appears as though although there are some 331 months reported (eg up to august 2023…) there is only data for the first 298 of them…

I’ll have to look a bit deeper to see why this is the case

There are two points to take into considerations. At first, the Eurostat data are provided for the European Union and their affiliates. Secondly, kindly consider that the data consolidation across the country’s take time.

HICP - monthly data (index) [PRC_HICP_MIDX__custom_7382956]

The UK quit the European Union in January 2020, and the subsequent transition phase ended in December 2020.

I don’t know if the ONS continues to calculate a harmonized consumer price index, but if so, it would be published somewhere else (on the ONS website, presumably).