Adjusting for deferred tax accounts (e.g. pension, unvested stock)

Hello, I’m wondering if it is possible to account for the fact that some of my capital invested is are ‘post-tax’ (i.e. I’ve paid income tax on the invested amount already, e.g. regular investment account), and others are ‘pre-tax’ (e.g. my pension, which will eventually be subject to income tax upon retirement)?

I have set up separate taxonomies to account for this difference, but it is skewing my aggregate AUM, performance, allocation %s etc.

Of course, I could account for the taxes upfront today (by reducing all numbers by a flat rate of say 20% when entering them), but this would make it more difficult to sense-check the numbers reflecting in Portfolio Performance versus what I see in my pension account.

Is there functionality which would allow me to keep the gross numbers reflected in my pre-tax accounts, but which would subtract taxes from these numbers before adding them to the aggregate numbers alongside my post-tax accounts? My guess is that most everyone using this platform will have a pension account or other tax-deferred account, so it would make sense to support this type of functionality.

What do you think?


Basically when tax is resolved it is entered as a separate transaction (see Dividends with Imputation Credits)

thanks for your response. i dont know if this fully addresses the question so let me just make sure we are on the same page in case there is further insight that you could provide.

my concern is that i have no way to accurately represent the impact of deferred taxes on my investment portfolio. when i look at my statement of assets, i see some numbers which are net of tax (e.g. regular cash savings where i paid income tax at payroll), and some numbers which are gross of tax (e.g. pension savings, since income tax is only paid when the money is withdrawn during retirement).

i dont want to have to wait until i retire and start paying taxes on my pension to properly understand how much capital i have access to, so ideally i would just make an assumption today on what my income tax is likely to be at retirement, and then i could compare apples with apples when i look at my total assets.

is it possible to do that? or based on further explanation above, is there something that could get me close?