Allow minimum value to be 0 for buy & sell orders

I trade options and do a „sell“ entry on stocks/ETFs at the premium value but have to buy them back
$0.01 when collecting premium.

Example of writing a put
Sell 1 AMD @ $50.01
Buy 1 AMD $0.01

Premium collected for AMD is $50 but I can’t buy it back for $0.00 because the minimum allowed cannot be $0 so I have to increase both values by $0.01 to track them properly. I can’t leave the position as -1 because Portfolio Performance doesn’t handle short positions properly in the calculation tab past 0.44 and the premium collected is usually much less than the stock price which will say a loss until I cover it.

Hey washingpole,

is a purchase not defined as a trade of goods or service against money? If there is no money involved it is not a purchase (it not even is a trade as there is no second good or service involved). Maybe an inbound delivery is what you could look into.

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Yes, buy if you were gifted stock from someone and transfer it into your portfolio, you’d be buying the stock at $0 since it was granted to you for free.

A gifted stock is an inbound delivery. Nothing traded against money here.

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Inbound deliveries still require you to input an amount
„Input required for ‚Sub-Total‘“
Outbound delivery works with $0 though

You would put in the value of the shares they had on the day of the gift … but they do not debit your account.
PP still needs the price per share for calculating the performance.