Automatic Interactive Brokers XML update

Dear All,

I am not sure if this topic has been discussed earlier. Apologies if you already did.

There is a possibility in interactive brokers to activate a service called Flex Web service and this gives you a token ID. With this token id a request can be made to a URL with the activity XMLK query ID and XML activity results can be downloaded with this query ID.

I am not a developer myself, so i can not contribute but if this is integrated into PP, this will ease so many peoples’ lives. the report can then be executed as per last business days and can be parsed with PP automatically with the given query ID and token ID.

details to use this service can be found here.

is this something somebody can integrate in quickly?

thanks for all your help.

best, Goekay

Hello Gokay,

take a look at

Its the discussion about importing FlexQeury from IB. Sorry discussion is in german. Maybe you could try to translate using deepl or google.

Hi turbodackel,

I have checked the interactive brokers discussion. My request is not about creating a Flex Query. It is very easy to do so with the information we have in the forum.

My goal is to automate this. At the moment everybody manually extracts and imports the data from IB to PP with flex query. Think about it. You create in IB the flex query once and it gets automatically pulled by PP without you interfere every day with updated values, even maybe couple times a day.

You make a call to a URL with flex query ID and your API ID, this generates a key then you use this key and your API Key again, then all XML is created. If your flex query generates it daily, PP can import this automatically.

Please let me know your thoughts. This will save significant amount of time for so many.

Best, Goekay

Hi @turbodackel and All,

there is already a python project on this if this would be a help

Best, Goekay

Hello Goekay,

really nice idea. Will take a look at this.