Automatically get purchase rate of an asset based on the purchase date


I’m a new user, so apologies if any of this is obvious. I searched through the help (as well as Google, and this forum), but I couldn’t find anything.

In order to track my portfolio, I’m entering all my past transactions into the application.

These transactions are purchases of some indexed funds that I’ve previously added to the app, and the app is successfully tracking their current and past rates through Yahoo Finance.

However, whenever I enter a new transaction, add the amount of shares I bought and the date of purchase, I still need to enter the purchase rate manually, as the app defaults to the current value even if the transactions happened in the past.

I was expecting that the app would automatically get the correct rate for me based on the purchase date that I’m entering for each transaction.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this the expected behaviour?

If it is, would it make sense to add this as a feature?


Hey VMX,

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you are doing everything correctly. PP tracks just one price per day for each security, hence you most likely will purchase or will have purchased your share for a different price than the one stored by PP.
Since the purchase price is important for the calculation of your performances you definitely should enter the correct purchase price for your transactions. PP is unable to know that exact price.

Have fun and stay save

Thanks a lot for your quick response!

Got it, I’ll enter the purchase prices manually then.

I would maybe suggest to consider this as a feature though. I understand it can lead to inaccuracies (as the purchase price can depend on many factors besides market prices). But maybe it would be good to offer this as an option. E.g.: a checkbox to let PP automatically pull the price of that asset for the given date, if available.

Some people might prefer speed over accuracy sometimes, especially when doing quick, ballpark estimations for long term portfolios with lots of different assets.

Thanks again!

Basically the quote price is not essential required, common use case require the shares and the total amount of yor trade only. The quote price is always reverse calculated from the net amount to avoid rounding discrepancies.