Availability of portfolio metrics as dashboard widgets

I have recently discovered P-P and am so far most impressed with the comprehensive set of capabilities. Many thanks to the developers for their efforts ….

My primary objective for P-P is to provide a locally hosted alternative to various cloud based portfolio tracking services.

On discovering the P-P Performance Dashboard Widgets, I set about trying to replicate the portfolio summaries provided by the aforementioned cloud based services. I am however struggling to find the basic metrics required – I can only assume that I am missing something ……

The below image shows a typical summary display that I was hoping to replicate

Metrics required per Reporting Period :

Portfolio Value: Widget / SOA / Total

Capital Gain: ??
Capital Gain ( % p.a. ) Widget / SOA / TWRR Annualised

Income Return: ??
Income Return ( % p.a.) ??

Currency Return: n/a
Currency Return ( % p.a. ) n/a

Total Return: Widget / SOA / Delta
Total Return ( % p.a. ) ??

The Capital Gains and Earnings appear to be available within the Performance Calculation Widget, but I can’t see any way to use them directly.

I cannot see anywhere that portfolio wide income/dividend return appears.

If I understand correctly, TWRR includes Capital gain only and Delta includes both capital gains and Dividend earnings.

Personally, I am not too concerned with Currency gains.

Am I missing something or should I raise a feature request ?
If so, is that best done via Github or the forum ?


No, you don’t understand that correctly.

Well, you’ve done it already. Whether anything comes from that is a different question; most people probably think that the performance calculation widget is sufficient.

I’d like to see something like this as well