Best way to capture allocation bonus and fees from my broker

Hello all,

I invest 700EUR monthly.

The fees are:
Administration fee 2.00% per annum → applied on the premium 700EUR
Investment Administration Charge 1.50% per annum → applied on portfolio value annually
Policy fee 2.70 EUR per month

Bonus is:
4% overallocation of monthly investment: basically they invest 728EUR instead of 700 x month.

How best is to capture it in the tool?

Hey matteo_alpe,

most likely your broker will provide you statements about the fees it will deduct. Depending on the broker and the fee it will deduct it from your accoutn or will deduct it directly from your saving rate.
You can book fees which correspond to a security, you can also book fees which are general and do not correspond to a security. Fees you put in during a transaction is bound to that security.