Bonds whose price is in percent


I have bonds. My broker gives prices in this format

	'date' => '2022-02-01',
	'nominal' => '1000',
	'close' => '95.5',
	'low' => '90.5',
	'high' => '96.568'

Is it possible to somehow enter the price as a percentage so that it is calculated with a nominal value?

Bonds are not that well supported by PP. A common trick in this case is to enter the number of shares as 1/100th of the nominal value (in your example, 10 shares); then prices such as 95.5 will lead to the correct total value (10×95.5 = 955).


Oh, it’s a pity that there is no full bond support. This is the only thing I need, everything else is there. A wonderful program.

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I guess one day a bond investor will update the program in this respect. I would be highly appreciated from my side as well!