Build (Maven) Problem

I am new to this software but it looks very useful.

I am having trouble importing data from Interactive Brokers. I have downloaded the source and am looking at
However at this point I can not build from source. I get an NPE in maven while downloading/opening org.eclipse.core.commands.nl_de_4.6.0.v20161126060001.jar from

I say opening because I can use curl to download this file. I am not familiar with maven, sadly, because I got off the java development train 15 years ago.
I have uploaded the log file to:
It appears I get the same error whether I am using eclipse 4.7.2 or the macos terminal.
I welcome any suggestions on how to get past this problem.

I found: and on that basis I tried to add “-Dtycho.disableP2Mirrors=true” to the MAVEN_OPTS.

export MAVEN_OPTS="-Xmx1g -Dtycho.disableP2Mirrors=true"

This seems to have avoided the problem with the repository and my maven build works now.