Bundle transactions to record once a month

Hi, I have sets DCA transactions that I buy weekly, and my broker doesn’t provide the PDF/CSV/JSON in an easy-to-import format.

Is there a way to record these transactions once a month or quarter? It’s quite troublesome for me to record every transaction and price (3-4 txn/week).

I know that this is a bit sinister and doesn’t give the accurate performance/value, but I’m willing to trade off the accuracy for ease of use. I prefer to have some slightly inaccurate data than none at all. I still record every sell transaction.

The bundling would have to happen before importing to PP, either on the broker’s side (check with them) or by yourself after exporting from the broker.

I think the easiest is to have a converter that takes your broker’s CSV and produces a PP importable CSV. Various tools exist – Excel or Google Sheets are probably the easiest to work with.

Feel free to a sample CSV export from the broker if you’d like a more detailed opinion.

Hello, you can create several Investment Plans. They can create automatic purchase on various period, minimum 1 per month.

My broker doesn’t provide the CSV. (They are trying to push people to use mobile app)

This is an example of the receipt that they provide in PDF. (They only provide this) And I have 4-5 PDFs every week in different page formats (from various underlying ACMs).

Is there any way to roughly calculate by hand? For example, using the value from the last month and doing some mathemagical operations with the cash flow amount & price? (not using all values in-between because that’s simply creating another CSV, but only the old (recorded value) and newly purchased amount/NAV, etc.)

I don’t think it’d work for my case which I made weekly transactions.

I can combine them, e.g., £100/week * 4 weeks = £400 per months but the prices that I bought at would vary each week.


  • I just tried, just threw it into GPT and told it to give me a csv with the columns
    Date, Type, Value, Transaction Currency, Gross Amount Currency, Gross Amount, Shares, ISIN - this is it
Date,Type,Value,Transaction Currency,Gross Amount Currency,Gross Amount,Shares,ISIN

  • Might need some adjusting but once you have it it should be easy enough for 3-4 a week if you do it once a month or quarter.

In my opinion PP is overkill for such simplified tracking.

You can of course calculate all sorts of things, but it won’t be easy if you don’t have the data from the broker. If you really only want overall portfolio value and money invested, maybe this works, but I have not tried:

  • Get current portfolio value from broker
  • Calculate amount invested so far
  • Then open PP
  • Create a portfolio and account
  • Create a dummy security ‘Invested Baht’ or whatever
  • For your security add a quote in THB calculated as PORTFOLIO_VALUE / AMOUNT_INVESTED_SO_FAR
  • Add a buy transaction for that security of AMOUNT_INVESTED_SO_FAR shares at 1 THB
  • This should give you a portfolio showing the value of all past transactions and overall performance

Then at the beginning of every month


Note: this is really bad performance tracking. It can’t even be called that. Most performance metrics will be so wrong they will unusable. But the last reading of the overall performance chart should be correct.

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