Buy of security in different currency than the account

Hi everyone,

I tried a couple of years ago Portfolio Performance and was a bit lost. Now that I am more mature in my investment journey i wanted to give it another try. What a great tool !

I manage to set almost everything I wanted but would like to check how to best records buy and sell of security in different currency than the account.

I have a Degiro account, base currency EUR, and I use it mainly to invest in USD, I do not change a define sum (so it is hard to use another currency account) but use auto fx.

Objective is to be able to track performance in both EUR (base currency) and in foreign currency when security are in another currency than the base one

At the time when i add a security like this I change security currency to USD but the quotes seems to stay in EUR.

I read a lot on the forum before asking the question but the usual answer is to create another account in the currency, but that works if you change a define sum of Curreny no ? Isn’t there an easier way ?

What is the best practice to handle this ?

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Yes, and I would recommend that in your case, too. It’s no different when the currency conversion happens automatically, just that the numbers are less round (e.g., €1234,56 converted to $1342,65).

hopped to get an easier way tbh, thanks for the quick reply !

Ok, just to be clear, the process if i buy a security in USD from EUR, would be to transfer the said amount in a USD account, buy from the deposit account in USD, and add a fee transaction (which are in EUR) in the EUR deposit account ?

But because the security is in US, even on the deposit account in EUR the fees must entered in USD with a rate right ?

I could be misunderstanding, but if the security is set as USD, then you can just enter the exchange rate when buying from (in my case) a GBP cash account? And the quotes remain in USD.

Screenshot 2022-09-07 at 22.09.33

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That what i thought at first, but i had an issue witht he quote.

Thanks to your message I tested it gain, just had to change currency (which i did when i tested) but the provider of the quote to “yahoo finance” and change the exchange, works like a charm, thank you !