Buy security with another security

Hello guys,

I’m trying to use this great tool for all my investments. Unfortunately for crypto, it is still not very useful for me. The problem that I have is when I need to buy security using another security. For example, I want to buy Ethereum using Bitcoin. This transaction is not related to any currency - EUR, USD, or so on. In order to do something like this, I need to sell first in some currency and then buy again but this is not a perfect solution. Am I missing something or is this the only way? Is there a topic that this will be handled in the future or should I use a different portfolio managing app?

No and yes, that is the only way.

Ok, doesn’t sound great but I guess it is the way it is. And how do you handle stackings, I have tried like dividends but it is just not right to again put them in euro and then make a buy. I would like to increase them without having to go again through buying.

Yes, again that is the way, at least for the time being.