Buy/sell price ranges

Greetings from Finland from a happy Portfolio Performance user! I am impressed with the quality of the software, so I have recommended it to my friends - you may be getting new users from Finland soon :slight_smile:

I have a proposal for a new feature:
I do stock research all the time, and thus I maintain lists of stocks that I might buy in the future if the price is right. Likewise, sometimes I buy a stock with the intent that I’ll sell it if the price goes above or below a certain level. I may also have non-trivial rationale why a particular stock interests me. Or sometimes the rationale is trivial: it might belong to a category such as „flying cars“ for example.

These kinds of lists are currently scattered all around for me: post-it notes on the walls, long-time buy or sell orders on a broker etc. I am not appropriately organized on this area.

What a relief it would be, if Portfolio Organizer could help me on this area! To my understanding, the only aspect it has currently related to this is the „Note“-attribute on the Securities-screen.

I would like to have something like this:

  • Indication which securities (regardless if I have them in my portfolio or not) are on the „Buy range“ price-wise which I have defined
  • Same for „Sell range“
  • Perhaps a possibility to see these somehow „category-wise“ - under the headline „flying cars“ etc. I am not sure if I could do this kind of categorization already by utilizing the Taxonomy-possibility by creating new taxonomies myself?

Or perhaps doing all this is already possible with Portfolio Optimizer? If so, I’d be grateful for tips how to do this!

Many many thanks for the great software!

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Since the update to version 0.44.0 you can define a limit for each security. If the limit is fulfilled the cell is highlighted in red or green. Have a look at these two posts. They are in german but with many pictures :slight_smile:
New Feature in 0.44.0
How to define the limits

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Thank you so much, this works perfectly!

Hello -
I have a question about the limit-functionality - there seems to be a bug with it. I am using mac OS Catalina 10.15.6 and Portfolio Performance 0.48.1

I have defined limit for a security. For example, I have defined it as „<1000“, but it shows in the All Securities-list, in the Limit-column as „< 1 000,00“. I right click the security, and choose Edit from the pop-up menu. In the dialog that opens, right under the security name there is a red error message „A limit must be formatted as a relational comparator (…) followed by a price.“

In spite of this error message, the limit still works: I get the colour-indication as expected.
If I edit the limit back to „<1000“, it is again shown as „<1 000,00“ in the Limit-column, and when I re-open the security, I get the same error message.

There is something strange in this behaviour: it is affecting all my securities with limits almost all the time, but not all the time. For example, five minutes ago everything worked as expected, without this error message.