Calculation of purchase value in foreign currency


Currently having CZK as the base currency , I have some questions to calculations.
In the statements of value there is a collumn of Purchase value : I understood that the purchase value is Purchase price * amount of shares (100 in this case)

  • currency rate of that day.

Exchange rate

But I have exchanged the currency earlier and there is no currency exchange on 16th of September 22 in place (in real world)


Therefore my real purchase price value should be purchase price * number of shares * currency rate of 7th of July 22 (24,2815)

This equals to 179 907,95 CZK

I understand this logic of using the same day currency exchange, but it can shift the perspective a little. Any way to calculate with that ?

Also it shows completely different number in invested capital widget into this security in Performance tab

What is the calculation there ? It’s not even equal to calculation tab:

EDIT: OK, found this one, the dividends are considered as removals, so the invested amount goes lower each time the divi is paid… confusing but understandable - one day it will reach zero, then what ?



then you’ve been caught up in luck