Calculation of Returns and differences between them

I have a set of transactions for Reliance stock, as shown in the table below:

I have analyzed these transactions using three different methods, and I obtained different XIRR (Internal Rate of Return) values.

In Image 1, which is a Google Sheet, I calculated the XIRR to be 12.31% when considering the remaining position and 1.55% when considering the squared-off position.

In Image 2, which is from a portfolio performance software, the XIRR is reported as 2.17%.

In Image 3, which is from a broker terminal, the XIRR is reported as -2.4%.

My main query is why the XIRR values differ across these three methods, even though they use the same set of transactions. I would like to understand how to add these transactions correctly to the portfolio performance software in order to achieve a XIRR value that matches the one from the broker terminal.

I would greatly appreciate your assistance in identifying any mistakes I may have made and guiding me through the correct process. Thank you!

You are at the wrong analysis as the given trade view is restricted to the 50 pcs which you’ve sold.

see the table and calculate xirr … all three cases gives different xirr results…!!

As I’ve said, your calculations are not synchronise with the screenshot you’re referring to.

The PP image shows the trade analysis for 50 pcs. In fact, the 2.17% based on the following values:

Date Amount Shares
24/11/2009 37992,42 18 pc
05/12/2009 0,00018 18 pc
08/09/2015 10063 12 pc
21/09/2017 0,00002 2 pc
21/04/2020 60278,85 -50

The others are not considered as they not relevant for this trade.

For your kind info 1st image is a table.

the three image I am referring to is the three images written on then (after table image in order)

I am talking about closed position. in broker terminal (image 3 last image) and PP image xirr values are different why?

you got my point.?