Cannot find Italian Bond

Hi there,

I’m new to Portfolio Performance but I really like it!

I cannot find italian bond like IT0005363111, IT0005521171 and so on.
Also on Yahoo Finance I cannot find these Bond.

How can I add another source of information? For example this.

Thank you for the help!

You have to use “Empty Instrument” instead of “New instrument”.

borsaitaliana is not automatically readable for PP, but here is an attempt at an explanation of how to manually get historical quotes from there: How can I track certificates? - #2 by ProgFriese

Another possibility is, there you can get historical quotes for some securities.

If you don’t care if the quotes come from Milan, there are other possibilities, e.g. onvista, but there only for German stock exchanges, therefore with less volume.

Hi @ProgFriese,

thank you very much for the help!
It worked.

I have just two question:

  • Just for fun, I changed the historical url from “de” to “it” but PP cannot load the data, unless the web page is loaded. This is not a big deal, is just to understand how it works.

  • Is there a way to get the last quotation fro the investing? For Example from this url

Thank for your time!

I’m sorry, I have no answer to these legitimate questions.