Cells in securities list orange highlighted

On my „All Securities“ page, there is one entry where the Latest (Date) & Last Historical (Date) columns are highlit orange. It’s an inactive security, where I filled in historical values manually for the short period when I held it. Why is it highlit orange, & how can I rectify?

Thanks in advance!

It is highlighted because the latest quote is older than a week. This is only supposed to appear if a source for automatic download is specified (but not working), so you should check whether that is the case.

It’s not the case - under that symbol’s „Historical Quotes“ tab, „Provider“ is set to „No automatic quote download“

And what about the tab to the right of it, which is for a separate most-recent quote?

Provider = (same as historical quotes)

The chosen Provider das not impacting the colouring at historical quotes. However, it’s an indication/information only.

What does it impact though? Because I have quite a long list of securities, & only just that one single row is in orange. It appears a bit strange.

This is the code (from ui/views/SecuritiesTable.java):

      public Color getBackground(Object element)
                Security security = (Security) element;
                SecurityPrice latest = security.getSecurityPrice(LocalDate.now());
                if (latest == null)
                    return null;

                String feed = security.getLatestFeed() != null ? security.getLatestFeed() : security.getFeed();
                if (QuoteFeed.MANUAL.equals(feed))
                    return null;

                LocalDate sevenDaysAgo = LocalDate.now().minusDays(7);
                return latest.getDate().isBefore(sevenDaysAgo) ? Colors.WARNING : null;

So, in my understanding (and that’s also the behaviour that I see), if both feeds are set to “no automatic download” (MANUAL), the background can’t become orange.

Looks like you’re right. If

Historical Quotes=No automatic quote download
Latest Quote=(same as historical quotes)

It turns orange. But i I explicitly change

Latest Quote=No automatic quote download

That fixes it. Seems like a bug, but indeed explicitly changing Latest Quote to „no download“ (instead of „same as the other setting“ - which itself is „no download“) then the orange color goes away :slight_smile: