Change currency of deposit account

Hey everybody,

I am importing all of my data into Portfolio Performance and I want to add a account in another currency. But if I add a Deposit Account, it always is in EUR and I can’t seem to change it.

Is it something I’m overlooking?


Hey Sjoerd,

in „Accounts/Deposit Accounts“ you will be presented the table with all your accounts. In the column „Currency“ of the account you want to change the currency for double-click on „EUR“. You will be presented a drop-dwon menu from where you can chose your currency.

I hope this helps

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Hey Harry,

Well, it seemed to me that this was the solution as well, but there is nothing happening when I double-click it.

Do I need to add the other currency somewhere?

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Edit: I’m using it on OSX and I am able to double-click the name to change it.

Hey Sjoerd,

You need to click the „EUR“ in your blue line, hower it will only work if you do not have any bookings on that account. Once you have a transaction in PP the currency is locked.

I hope this helps

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Hey Harry,

Well there’s your problem… I had some deposits in it already (in CHF) and wanted to change the currency. When I make a new account I can change it, think I’ll have to import everything again.

Thank you for the answer!

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