Change units from pounds to pence

I use quotes from yahoo finance, for my 100 shares of SLP.L in the security edit. The quote from yahoo finance is 59.5, unfortunately the system is reading this as 59.5 pounds when its 59.5 pence (0.59 pounds).
So my 100 shares show a balance of 590 pounds rather than the 59 pounds I own.

How can I change this in the system so my balance is the correct value?
I have similar problems with other tickers…

Do you set the security curreny as GBP rather than GBX?

Yes - I am a newbie! I eventually worked out I must use GBX, as a sort of currency in place of pence rather than pounds after I have unfortunately entered a lot of transactions! I cannot easily change them when I export the cash account as CSV and edit the CSV currency from GBP to GBX etc… and reimport as I still get errors to do with the account currency not being GBP for some shares.
I find this confusing, because it seems my cash account now needs two sub-cash accounts one in GBP for some shares and another in GBX for pence for different ‘currencies’.
Looking at Yahoo finance the shares which need GBX have ‘GBp’ and for pounds ‘GBP’ in the yahoo quote which helps.

This is obvoiusly a clunge of portfolio-performance, and the stock entity should really have a unit conversion factor for qoutes which would make life easy and keep amounts in the same currency.

@ stuartb3502 described a similar case and documented it:
How to use the CSV Import functions for GBX priced securities? - Portfolio Performance Manual (

Maybe, it can help.