Chart of absolute performance

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As suggested, I think it would be pretty interesting to add the metric of absolute gains or losses in the performance chart (in EUR, not in %). We could therefore see the evolution of our PnL over time (regardless of the invested amount). In fact, it would suffice to subtract, in the graph of the statement of assets, the evolution of the associated account minus its transfers.

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You can do that (in the statement-of-assets chart), it’s called “delta”.

You can create a filter comprising these accounts.

Yes we can do it here, but we can only see the delta for all the portfolios together, where I think it would be pretty interesting to be able to do it for each portfolio.

Yes I can filter on these 2 accounts, but I can’t merge them, it will enable to see only one curve instead of 2, you understand what I mean ?

Actually not, no …

Sorry I will make a screenshoot to make it more clear.

Below you can see the performance of 2 different portfolios. It would be very interesting to have the possibility to “merge” these 2 portfolios to see the performance of the merging of these 2 portfolios. We will then have only 1 curve on the chart.

Yes, you can do that by using a filter, as I said above.

Ok then my bad sorry I didn’t know it was possible. Could you please explain me how to do it ? I can’t see any option on the chart.

Go to the “statement of assets” view. Add a new filter; for the filter, choose the relevant accounts. Then, on the graph, add a new line; the filter will appear among the options for the data series.

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Wonderful ! Thank you very much for your help !

But still the add of the metric of absolute gains or losses in the performance chart is very interesting (gains or losses in EUR, not in %) :slight_smile:
Actually the “delta” in the statement-of-assets chart is calculated on all the portfolios. We can’t have it for each portfolio as we do for TTWROR in the performance chart. Or maybe I’m missing something ?

Thanks again @chirlu ! :wink:

No, graphing the delta for anything else than the entire portfolio is currently not possible. You can, however, show the current amount (but not a graph) on the dashboard, by adding a delta widget and assigning it the relevant data series.


Yes I agree, so a metric with the absolute performance in EUR in the performance chart could be a nice improvement, we could see the evolution over time of the PnL of our different portfolios :slight_smile:

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Is there any news on this feature to see the evolution of the PnL of our different accounts in graph ? Or at least the evolution of the cash invested in each account ?
I’ve seen the new feature of “Invested Capital” in performance report.