Colors in dark/light mode on Linux (Ubuntu)


Version: 0.55.0 (Sep 2021)
Platform: linux, x86_64 (Kde neon 20.04 - ubuntu based)
Java: 14.0.2+12-Ubuntu-120.04, Private Build

I’ve changed to the dark theme, and now when I return the white one, some parts of the program are in dark mode and it is just a color mess. I’ve removed .Performance file in the /home folder but even then the colors are messed again. Tried to change dark to white and white to dark and same thing. I just really want to fix it and use light theme.

Did you already try to reset the PP UI via the menu? Otherwise a screen dump is might be helpful.

I’ve tried Help->Preferences->Theme->Restore defaults and that is not helping.

That’s not what I recommend to use, there is at “Tools 》 Debug: Reset GUI” to force a overall reset of all made settings.

Hi, I’ve reset the GUI as you say and same result. I am wondering if it can be Linux bug and for some reason Linux GUI layer to change some type of colors