Combined data series from deposit account and securities account


When in the “Reports” > “Statement of Assets” > “Chart”, I try to add a data series under “Accounts and portfolios”, I do not see a data series which I would like to add. It is a data series which is a combination of one Deposit Account and one Securities Account. This does not show up in the data series.

In this case, how may I add this data series? Should I modify something under the “Accounts” menu?

Thank you!

A short question that results in a longer answer :wink:




In the “pick data series”-image you can see you have the choice to pick deposit accounts or security accounts or accounts that belong together (example “zwei + zwei” or “Test-Depot + test” as you can see in the “security accounts”-image).

Accounts that belong together are automatically offered by the program as a common selection.

  1. Possibility

The specification of the deposit account of the securities account is incorrect.
In this case you have to change the assignment under security accounts (double-click on the actual reference account will give you a choice).

After the change, the new combination will be available as a selection in the pick data series menu.

  1. Possibility

You want to have a data series of one Deposit Account and one Securities Account, where the Deposit Account ist not the Reference Account of the Securities Account.

In this Case you have to build a filter…
Please go to “Reports” > “Statement of Assets” > “Holdings” → click on the funnel, top right
“New” is the right choice.
Give the filter a descriptive name and select the two (or more) accounts you want.

Back to “Reports” > “Statement of Assets” > “Chart”, there is a new selection, marked by a filter: