Combining two or more portfolios

Hi there, doe anyone know how 1 can combine 2 or more portfolios in a report without merging the portfolios definitely?

Hey Iain,

If you are talking about two PP-Files in a common report it is not possible. You can display the two portfolios on a single desktop, however, I assume this is not what you are up to.

I am new to PP, however if those two depots are in the same file … My way forward would be a classification ? Put those depots in the same “folder” and use the folder name in the report/widgets.

Hey Harry,
I’ve got the 2 portfolios on the one desktop but what I would like to see is their combined performance.

Hey Rak, I don’t quite understand what you mean.
I’ve got 2 different portfolios, with different bankaccounts linked to them and quite a number of securities and lots of trades. Mostly I want to keep those Portfolios separate, but I would like to occasionaly get an overview of their combined performance. Any idea?

Make a filter comprising the relevant accounts, then apply it to whatever view you want to see.

Let me tell you … I am new to PP. So this is how I do it. And I use PP in German setting. Not sure how this is named in Englisch.

I created a classification. I added some structure

  • Anlagegruppe
    • Riskpart
      • Group of Depots you are interested
        • Depot 1
        • Depot 2
        • Depot 3

You can now go into the dashboard section, add a widget (like IZF). Rightclick on the widget. Select Data row. In the dialog select data row. Navigate to the classification and select the line in which your put your depots (Group of Depots you are interested).

Doing so you have the IZW of the depots you put in that folder.

@rak: You can’t put accounts into a taxonomy, only individual securities. Therefore, your approach will fail as soon as the same security is contained in multiple portfolios. Plus, it is impractical because whenever you add a security to a portfolio or move it between portfolios, you need to adapt the taxonomy.

As I said, the proper way is to use a filter, which can comprise accounts and portfolios.

Hey Iain,

it is not possible to run a combined report on two separate PP-files

@chirlu obviously you are right. I did put the securities which I hold in the respective portfolios into those taxonomies.

And yes, the downsize you mention applies.

For me the advantage is that I can see multiple of those combined portfolios on the same dashboard.

Just like you can with filters.

I was aware that you can define a filter in Taxonomies, but until now I was not aware that you can select this filter in the widget “Select data row” dialogue. Amazing!

Thanks for pointing me into this direction.

While I can use a filter to show the value of an select group of accounts, can I use a filter to show the gain / loss (ie. delta) of that same select group of accounts?

This is where I am having trouble.

Because when I chart the delta, the chart is the same regardless of whether I chart for a select group of accounts (even empty ones), or for my entire portfolio.

Unfortunately not for charts. Those derivative data series are, for the time being, only available for the complete portfolio.

You can put a “delta” widget for any data series on the dashboard, though. But it will only show the current value, not the development over time.

Thanks for the reply. Looks like quite a number of people are asking for charts that show derivative data and not just the AUM of selected accounts.

Here’s hoping the feature will be added soon! :slight_smile:

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