Compare portfolio assets in performance chart

Guten Tag! :slight_smile:

I was looking for a tool to get some more details about my portfolio and i’ve stumbled upon this amazing tool. I’m a beginner and I’m pretty overwhelmed with all the possibilities that it offers. I’ve tried to look up beginner guides but I can’t find the answers I’m looking for.

I want to do two things:

  1. Track performance of my portfolio as a whole and present it as a chart. Compare this with benchmarks.

  2. I’ve decided that I want to spend 10% of my portfolio into seperate stocks and 90% into world ETF. Now it is fun for me to see if my hand picked stocks out or underperform the world ETF.

Now my questions:

  1. So for example I buy Microsoft and Mastercard for €1000 each on 1 januari 2020, and then i buy €1000 Apple on 1 july 2020. I manually add these buys to my securities account. How can I compare these buys with as if I bought €2000 euro VWRL on 1 januari 2020 and €1000 VWRL on 1 july 2020.

  2. Should I deposit on the same date that I buy stocks? Or just put a starting amount of 10.000 euro for example?

  3. Below you see two charts. One where I have only entered stock buys with a negative account balance. And the second chart that shows a deposit in Q3 2019. Why do the graphs look so stranged compared to the benchmark and how can I do it correctly? The portfolio in this chart is 100% IWDA

small deposit at start 2018 (Account balance negative)

Deposit in Q3 2019 (Account balance almost zero)

I hope someone can help me to get started with this program.

Thanks alot for this amazing tool and the help in advance !