Composite graph of multiple securities

I’m wondering if it is possible to have a composite graph that would show the price of two (or more) securities?

Hey JulianF,

not in the sense of price but in the sense of performance.
In the performance diagramm you can add securities as benchmarks and show as many as you like in one diagram.

Indeed it is possible to construct such a graph in the “Chart” section, though it’s a bit cumbersome if you just want to get a quick look.

But JulianF’s question is actually a very good suggestion. Many times I found myself attempting to get a quick performance comparison of two instruments by selecting them in the “Securities” view, only to remember that it does not work. One could expect to get a normalised graph showing both instruments.

Some websites allow to compare instruments (for instance, justetf), but it’s limited to what’s available on that site. Here you could use it to compare an ETF and you bank’s fund in two clicks. :slight_smile: