Conversion between currencies

Hi fellas! I have a question regarding the conversion between currencies in the Statement Of Assets. If I show the Profit/Loss in the original currency of the security everything is fine.


Although changing it to USD, it shows me a value that doesn’t correspond to the current exchange rate


As you can see it shows 411 EUR (which is the correct value), and in USD it shows 595, although with the current exchange rate it should show 495 USD.

This also happens to stock the other way around. USD it shows correctly (since it’s the original currency) and changing to EUR it shows an incorrect value.

Any help is appreciated, thank you

The most common reasons when exchange rates are wrong:

  • You tried to add an exchange rate manually. (Is USD/EUR listed somewhere in the securities list?)
  • Some firewall prevents the exchange rates from being downloaded from the ECB’s website. (Under currencies, what is shown as the date of the most recent USD rate?)

No, the exchange rate being used is the default one. And the currency EUR/USD is from Today, so it’s being fetched correctly

I figured it out the calculations that are being made, I just don’t understand why

So in Performance > Calculation, if I select USD as the currency it shows me this

So I believe it’s doing

293.82 EUR * ExchangeRate(EUR/USD) + 75.64 = 429.22 USD (give or take approximations)

What exactly does that thereof foreign currency gains actually means?

It’s a not very useful attempt at subdividing the value change into a “currency-caused” part and a remainder.

Anyway, you are comparing things that aren’t generally expected to be the same. I originally thought you were looking at the current market value, but you are not; you are looking at gains, and those are calculated using exchange rates from different days.

E.g. you may own one share which is worth EUR 100 or USD 120 today (exchange rate 1,20). When you bought it some time ago, it may have cost EUR 70, or USD 77 at the time (exchange rate 1,10). Viewed in EUR, the gain is EUR 30; viewed in USD, the gain is USD 43. It isn’t meaningful to try and convert these numbers using any exchange rate.

So is there any way to actual see the Capital Gains with precision? Or the value showed there is already shows that accordingly?