Creating a security instrument with manual price update


I will start investing some of my funds into a Czech supplementary pension system. I have chosen a fund, which is not searchable by Portfolio Performance. I have the price history of the fund available in CSV, XLS and PDF formats. I can create an empty instrument in the PP software, but none of the options for provider of historic quotes seem to accept a file or a table which is offline as a file on my hard drive.

In the worst case I can do without historic prices, but at least I need to be able to update the price of the fund once a month or so. I can do this manually, but I can’t seem to find a way to do this in PP. Could you guys give me any pointers? Thanks.


Right – just select “no automatic download”. Then use the appropriate operation from the security’s context menu for importing a CSV file or manually adding a quote.

Oh my, I use PP for 3 years and haven’t ever realised there is an option like this. I guess this solves my issue :slight_smile: Thanks!