Crypto Currency Staking/Liquidity Interest Walkaround

Hello, Portfolio Performance!

So I have been using this software and so far I love it!

Only problem is: for some reason PP cannot get you interest or dividends on a crypto currency outside of a fiat currency (USD or EUR for example).

If you for example stake or use systems as DeFi (Decentralized Finance) with crypto currencies you will see that this is a big problem, since almost all the time you will get rewarded with some sort of crypto currency instead of a fiat currency.

So what I did as way to get around this:

  • Buy Cryptocurrency as normal
  • “Buy” more cryptocurrency shares for only 0.01 (fiat currency used), whenever I collect staking or liquidity fees

That way I assume I can get around the problem of not having real interest or dividends on the top of crypto currencies.

Would that work out for crypto investing?
Is there anything that would look wrong in the reports if I do it this way?


Why not book a fiat dividend and then buy the amount in crypto for that dividend?

Or, as I have done it buy the crypto you have earned at the current fiat value and then add a dividend to match the buy amount. This is of course the same as above but you don’t need to math out the correct dividend :slight_smile:

Bro I just had that same exact thought hours after I’ve made this post lol

Yeah I’m doing that from now on, thanks!

Hi i am looking in to this aswell , i am very new to PP. Could you explain how you would calculate this. i know what do do according to your suggestion but how would i calculate it. based on APY? on a 12 month basis? or would the numbers be rather symbolic than actual calculations?

Thanks in advance



I do not understand your question. Doesn’t @SgtWinter ´s suggested solution help you?

Best regards, Laura