CSV import: confused by ‘type of data’ selections

I have an exported CSV from Fidelity Transaction history with among others these fields:

Order date
Transaction type
Price per unit

So which of the CSV import Type of Data selection should I make?:

“Securities Account” doesn’t seem to have a transaction type option, so presumably it is just for valuation statements?


“Account Transactions” and “Portfolio Transactions” don’t seem to have have a price per unit

or is “Value” the value per share?

Value = Amount reported by Fidelity

@Rafa Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, Fidelity’s ‘Quantity’ x ‘Price per’ unit does not equal Fidelity’s ‘Amount’ (I’m assuming because the ‘Amount’ includes fees, and some rounding).

What is the difference between PP ‘Gross Amount’ and ‘Value’?

The CSV import with all its fields is explained in File > Import - Portfolio Performance Manual (portfolio-performance.info)