CSV import of Portfolio Transaction does not work if ISIN is not unique

When there are two securiteies with same ISIN (e.g. one for Xetra and other for NYSE), then when you try to import a transaction with one of these Securities you get and error that ISIN exists multiple times in the list of securities.
CSV Import - error with ISIN

This could be solved perhaps when an another unique identifier is specified additionally in the csv file, such as the name (matching one of the two stocks with same ISIN), or a Ticker Symbol. Then there would be no doubt which of the two stocks with the same ISIN is being imported.

You are right. The code looks at other identifiers as well (Ticker, WKN, Name) but aborts the search when this „multiple markers“ occurs. I’ll change that code.

With Version 0.44.1 PP will try to use WKN or Ticker instead.

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Hi AndreasB. Thanks for the implementation of the feature in the latest version. It’s working very well, when securities are already listed (i.e. created) inside the security list „All Securities“ :slight_smile:

However, oe more thing I noticed is that when I try to import a new Security from a CSV file, it is not able to create a new security if the ISIN already exists, even though WKN and Ticker Symbol is different from the one already existing in the Securities List.

for example this is my already existing Security (and is the only one with this ISIN)

this is the import window from a CSV file

and when I click next I get no new Security to import