CSV import shows no transaction in preview

So, I’m trying to import a CSV and have set up the import like this (data hidden):

But when I click on next, I get this:

I am on version 0.60.1.

What am I doing wrong? This isn’t the first time I’m doing a CSV import but I don’t get it…

Follow Import CSV file to create an example portfolio then you should understand enough to import your data.

OK, I figured out the problem. It’s not with the import. If the Ticker Symbol has a column with a hyphen, the whole thing doesn’t work for some reason. Say I am creating a custom security to track a non-market instrument and I use its ticker symbol as ‘123-45’, it doesn’t like it. If I use ‘123’, it’s alright. And this problem doesn’t seem to affect ISIN or WKN, only Symbol.


thanks for the report. Will look into it.