CSV import takes wrong year

I’m importing a number of buy transactions from the past year.

I’ve constructed a CSV file to import the transactions. I’m importing
Date, securities account, cash account, ticker symbol, currency, shares, value

the Date is either date of quote or date of value

date of quote = todays date (ignoring the entry in the file)
date of value = value in file.

The transactions are imported and correctly assigned to the relevant accounts.

the date field is different to the transactions created in the app.

in this screenshot you can see the different formats

Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 13.17.35

however they are not ordered, this list is order date decending, yet the new transactions (are below the oldest transactions) hence the jump from 2016 → 24. but both sections are ordered descending.

when you open any (all) transactions they have todays date instead of the date of value.

Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 13.18.04

Well, they are not. A given year has actually a range of year 0 until 2024. So if a given date of 01.01.20 is not 01.01.2020. It’s remain the year 20 instead of 2020.

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Hi Rafa, in the picture the date of the transaction was 5-JAN-2024
so i understand that 24 relates to the the remainder of the year. but the format in the list has changed. there are 2 issues.

  1. the new format means the ordering of the column doesn’t work
  2. when you open the transaction it has todays date i.e. the wrong date, 29-feb instead of 5-jan…

Both issues cannot be confirmed. Your screenshot does not show if a transaction is newly created or an existing were edited. Once again, 29th Feb 24 and 29th Feb 2024 as entered date per transactions is a difference of 2000 years. It’s not the question how the format is, 2digit anf 4digit year is different.

Apart from of course, that no where does 29-feb-24 appear in the screenshot…
I can confirm that the csv file references 2024, not just a 2 year date

Edit the transactions were just 24 as year is displayed and change it to 2024

OK, I get it, its the value in the csv that is being translated incorrectly. I definitely identified the date format with the YYYY, however I’ve re-formatted the date column in excel to be YYYY-MM-DD and text and now they are importing in the correct position and with the correct values. I still think there is a bug in the program there but thanks Rafa for your help. I can work with this.