CSV import with foreign currencies

I have a really hard time understanding how the” CSV import” works; especially with transactions in foreign currency securities. I’ve searched for documentation but found not very much help. Maybe I’m searching in the wrong places.

Here are some of my basic questions:

  • What exactly are the differences between the 4 types of CSV import, named Securities, Securities Account, Account Transactions and Portfolio Transactions. They are associated with different input-fields; e.g. name of the cash account, number of shares, … The first one (securities) seems obvious: creating a list of portfolios. Creating that list, however, is also possible with the other three. Also, the difference between Portfolio and Account transactions type is ONE input field (Offset Account versus Offset Securities Account). Difference? What is an Offset account?
  • There seems to be multiple ways to specify a foreign currency in a transaction. Suppose I want to buy a Alibaba share (listed in the securities panel as USD currency). The transaction, however, should be paid with a EUR cash account. So, I need an exchange rate. But what about the other fields: Transaction currency, Offset account (or Offset Securities account?), Currency Gross Amount? The Gross Amount field itself does not seem to have any effect. Most of the time I get an error message “Transaction Currency USD does not account currency EUR”; even though I haven’t set the Transaction Currency field explicitly.

Portfolio transaction with portfolio = your portfolio, account = your EUR cash account, ISIN = ISIN of Alibaba, date = the day of the transaction, type = Buy, value = the amount paid (in EUR), shares = 100 (or whatever), transaction currency = EUR, currency gross amount = USD, exchange rate = 1.0987 (or whatever).

That’s exactly what I’ve done. See for example, the screenshots below. What exactly is the difference between Portfolio Transactions and Account transactions?

No, it’s not; at least not in your screenshots.

I’m sorry. You’re right. I didn’t read your answer close enough. In my example, I forgot to add the Transaction Currency as you have written. Doing that removes the error.


But, why exactly do you have to add the transaction currency? Isn’t that obvious with the selection of the cash account and the Currency Gross Amount?

Why doesn’t this work with the import type Account Transactions?