Currency of securities

Hi All, newbie here. I have currently setting up the securities under All securities and when setting up I am changing the currency GBX or GBP, however on some of the securities it quotes GBX in the latest column, however the price is actual in Euro.

For example Symbol BTQ added, changed to GBX in the set up box, then on the summary page notes GBX1.3755, actual price is GBX123.25, if I do an exchange calculation it appears that it is showing Euro and not GBX.

Anyone understand why it does this, is it not possible to have it in GBX, I need to stick to Euro for these shares?

Dear Scotty1511,

the value you get for the stock price is just a number. It does not contain currency information. You need to make sure to get the prices in the currency you set up for the security. E.g. if you decided PP to carry your security in GBX you nned to make sure you chose a provider for prices in GBX. In case you only can get prices in EUR you chose EUR as currency of the security in the setup box.

I hope this makes sense