Custom benchmark portfolio/index


I’d like to compare the performance of my portfolio to a custom benchmark portfolio/index that contains a bunch of securities I choose. How can I do that?

I tried creating a new watchlist with the securities I want in it but I can’t add this watchlist as a benchmark or data series later. Also, I’d like to specify the proportions of each security ideally.

Thank you.

Good morning mfelice,

currently this is not possible but I like the idea as well. I also think that the way you suggested by using a watch list (or some other named lists) could be a good approach. Maybe you want to post that as a feature request.

What you could do, however, is to create a new security account with the stocks in it you want to bundle as a benchmark. This account you can select, not as a benchmark per se though.

Have fun

Thanks for your reply. I tried creating a new portfolio and it worked to some extent, but the problem with that approach is that I have to simulate purchases, which affect dates and the number of securities that I hold overall, giving an unrealistic image of my holdings. Ideally, I’d like to define an index/benchmark by its composition, not tied to any dates and not affecting my number of shares.