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Dear all,

I am using Portfolio Performance and I find it great.

I have a question because I could not find anything in the help, faq or forum.

I am Italian, and the ETFs I have are listed on the Italian Stock Exchange. The Italian holidays are similar to what I find in the „default calendar“ except the exchange is also closed on August 15 and December 31. The other available calendars have either more or less trading days.

Is there any way to customize the calendar, adding those missing days to the default?

Thank you very much.



what calender do you mean?
I could not find any calendar option on PP.

Help -> Preferences -> Calendar

If you change the menu, you will see the different calendars available

Actually it’s not planned to integrate an user customized calendar, maybe somehow in future. However if you would like to propose a calendar for you country, you could use the following as template:

Dear Ragas,
thank you very much for your reply. As I am not good at github, I tried to follow the commit for the SIX calendar. The resulting lines in order to create the Italian Stock Exchange calendar should be as follow_

    public static String LabelTradeCalendarISE;
	LabelTradeCalendarSix = ISE Italian Stock Exchange
	LabelTradeCalendarSix = Italien
		// see Italian Stock Exchange trading days on their official website:
        tc = new TradeCalendar("ISE", Messages.LabelTradeCalendarISE); //$NON-NLS-1$
        tc.add(fixed(NEW_YEAR, Month.JANUARY, 1));
        tc.add(easter(GOOD_FRIDAY, -2));
        tc.add(easter(EASTER_MONDAY, 1));
        tc.add(fixed(LABOUR_DAY, Month.MAY, 1));
		tc.add(fixed(ASSUMPTION, Month.AUGUST, 15));
        tc.add(fixed(CHRISTMAS_EVE, Month.DECEMBER, 24));
        tc.add(fixed(FIRST_CHRISTMAS_DAY, Month.DECEMBER, 25));
        tc.add(fixed(SECOND_CHRISTMAS_DAY, Month.DECEMBER, 26));
		tc.add(fixed(NEW_YEARS_EVE, Month.DECEMBER, 31));
        CACHE.put(tc.getCode(), tc);

Is there any way you could submit it?

Thank you very much in advance.


Dear Ragas,
could you please let me know if the modification I proposed could be submitted?
Unfortunately, I really do not know how to use git and would appreciate a lot if some of the developers could add the calendar.
Thanks a lot in advance.

@dariottolo I used your coding with slight changes and created pull request #1535.

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Thank you so much!

Greetings from Italy