Daily close prices not correct

Hi, for several days now, the app doesn’t retain the last day close price of the instrumets, but it shows the same historic price for several days in a row.

it seems to have an issue logging to the external servers:

I get the same issue on two different computers. Any advice? Thanks

If you tried it from different computers in one network, your IP is may blocked, due to to many requests. Can you try it via a mobile hotspot and wifi?

If this is also not working, do you use any virus software,firewall, etc?

Thank you for the answer. Unfortunately I tried both computers with different wifi. I use avg like always, also one of the notebooks is brand new, with windows and porfolio performance…really odd issue

What happens if you open a link (from the error log) manually via browser. I’m very sure, it is not a PP issue, it is something with your firewall, router, ISP, IP,…