Daily quotes from Yahoo Finance only work when PP is open


It seems that if I do not open PP for a while, the quotes during the inactive period are not added and only the quote from the day I open PP is set in. I’m using Yahoo Finance automatic quote.

Is it normal ?

Thank you.

No, it’s not. If you configured the historical quotes for Yahoo than usually all missing quotes since the previous lates quote is pulled.

Could you post a screen dump of your historical quote settings and review the PP error log please?

No erros in the log.

Could it possibly be a Yahoo Finance issue, because on their website it only displays the last quote… No historic, even if you change the dates.


This is exactly the limiting factor. If Yahoo-Finanz does not have historical data, may you change to CAC 40 Gross Total Return Historical Rates (PX1GR) - Investing.com instead using https://www.investing.com/indices/cac-40-gr-historical-data?

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Works perfectly, thanks a lot !