Date format in English

Hi! I was wondering if it is possible to keep the regular day format (, as in German version) when switching to English. Thanks!

The date/number format is basically determined on your PC default settings. If it’s for example ‚Germany (Switzerland)‘ the format themself is not changed regardless the chosen display language of PP.

That is rather weird, as the date format on my PC is (e.g. 21.11.2019), but PP lists them all as MM dd, yyyy (e.g. Nov 21, 2019). Furthermore, when I switch the language to German, for example, the format also changes to Is there a way to keep both the language and the format?

You could alternatively use the the following start parameter for PortfolioPerformance.exe

PortfolioPerformance.exe -nl de_DE

But I’ve never tested it if English language and German format were applied…

The asterisks should not be there.

Sorry, copy&paste issue, was initially bold format :man_facepalming:

PortfolioPerformance.exe -nl en_GB worked like a charm, thank you :slight_smile:
By the way, de_DE with the English selected produces quite a funny mix between the two.

Actually, funnily enough, it still lists the month in full