Dates two days earlier after CSV file import

I’m new to P-P and have been trying to import data to it from CSV files. All goes well except the dates that appear in P-P are two days earlier than the originals.

Does anyone know what’s going on here? Have I missed a step?

Could you please share an example? One row of your csv data (with the date you are expecting) and a screenshot from the corresponding booking in PP.


I deleted all those transactions and started again so I can’t give you screen shots but the CSV dates were of the form 26-Nov-21 and in PP that would become 24 Nov 21, 12:04 am.

Reformatting the dates in the CSV file solves the problem. The new format for this example would be 2021/11/26 which PP shows as 26 Nov 2021. With no time. That’s all good.

Reformatting the dates also solved another problem that I did not mention in my post – missing transactions. That was far more worrying than a consistent 2 day error with old dates.

It seems that when PP finds some ambiguity in a transaction it simple ignores the whole thing without explanation. I think I saw about 4 error messages but there were dozens of missing transaction.

If it really was exactly this format, then you told PP that you bought your securities 2000 years ago. 21 isn’t 2021. May some filters for last year or something like that lead then to the “missing” (filtered) transactions.

Always be careful with the date formating, great to hear you fixed the format :slight_smile: