DeFi (DEX) Liquidity Pools Portfolio for Crypto?

Hello! So far I really liked this app!

I can easily track investments cross-platform in a Free, Open Source Software, which is awesome!

Even though it’s great for stocks, it also works for crypto currency Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) and staking!

Though there is one functionality that is quite lacking on Portfolio Performance: Liquidity Farming.

For example: Avalanche (AVAX) + USDC (Stable Coin) = AVAX-USDC

PP could have the option to add those LP Tokens as their very own crypto currencies as entirely different from both AVAX and USDC, despite having both as part of their value.

It would really help if Portfolio Performance could add custom “Pairs” of Crypto Currencies which could fluctuate in price, as well.

Coingecko and Coin Market Cap both have trading pairs on their websites and I don’t think it would be too hard to do such a thing.

Anyway, just a thought! If there is a workaround this, please do tell me!
I would love to know.