Delete a date range in a stock price history

Trying to use the CSV import feature to load price history data (because I have a stock for which there is no price feed) I struggled to get the data format right. In the process it looks like I imported prices against incorrect dates (e.g. a date with a year of 0001).

When I got the date format correct and reloaded the data, I found the bad data against nonsense dates was still hanging around. The “First Historical Date” value for the stock was still in the year 0001.

I went looking for a “delete stock price date range” feature against a security. but clouldn’t find one. In the end I had to delete the security and re-create it, which is a bit of a pain.

Is there a way of clearing out bad price data like this, or is recreating the security from scratch the only way?

Hi @incans

If you change the source for historical data or import a new CSV file with historical data, you will be asked whether you want to keep the existing historical data or not.

Delete all prices

Delete the marked prices

Or you can delete the unwanted prices in an editor of your choice. But be careful, always have a backup and do not edit files that are open in PP.


Hmm. That’s not what happened to me, a new upload definitel added new data, but the bad data linked to “year 0001” remained.

I have tried importing a file of the same name, or changing the name of the import file between uploads. I have not so far seen a prompt to retain or replace existing data.

Attacking the XML would have been my secondary approach if “delete and recreate” of the security didn’t work (which I assume it wouldn’t if there were buy/sell transactions against the stock). I imagine XML file is going to get pretty large over time though, so working on it in a text editor might not be fun at that point.

As @ProgFriese mentioned, you could select a range with SHIFT+Select or right mouse click and delete all without editing the XML file

Sorry, I made a mistake. The prompt I was referring to only shows up, if you change the source for historic quotes, not while importing a CSV file.

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The first couple of screenshots are in the German version of the UI. I can’t see what the navigation route is in the UI to access the data in tabular form to be able to edit it?

Right mouse-click somewhere in the red “circle”.


My main concern is not how to interact with this list, it’s how to open the list in the first place!

The screenshot shows a screen labelled (in German) as “Werkpapiere”, which I would guess translates as “Worksheet” in English.

I have been through the menus in the PP application and I haven’t found an option labelled “worksheet”. I have also searched the online PP user documentation (in both German and English), and not found either of these words in the docs, so I don’t know how to get to this view of the data.

Wertpapiere (lit. value-papers) = securities. This is simply the main list of securities, with the relevant security selected; and then the information area at the bottom, which has several tabs. The default tab is the chart of the security, but next to it, there is also a tab “historical prices”.

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Ah, that’s it!

I am still confused by the fact that the Historical Quotes tab in the main screen shows data present, when the identically named Historical Quotes tab in the Edit right-click menu on the security is empty, but the fact is, the data is accessible+editable.

Thanks for the help.

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Nobody has told that you’ve to edit the security. This is only necessary if you try to configure the quote download.

We’ve recommend exactly here to select and delete the desired quotes.

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