Delta At Various Points In Time

Hi all,

Two related - hopefully easy - questions :slight_smile:

  1. In the Statement of Assets->Chart, you can view the „Delta (since first transaction)“ for the total portfolio. Is there some way to do so for only a particular account? I’m trying to debug some discrepancies between what the software is showing for my delta at various points in time, vs what I’ve previously logged by hand - and checking the value at various dates is much faster via the chart than by manually setting the date one at a time on the dashboard :slight_smile:

  2. While trying to check the same via the dashboard (for now): I add a „Delta (since first transaction)“ or „Delta (for reporting period)“ widget (either works), then set the report interval to: „From=(the date of my first transaction), To=(the date I want to check).“ It shows the expected value, just as the chart does at that point. However: if I change the widget’s Data Series to „Cash Account + Securities Account,“ the delta value changes - even though those are the only accounts that have any balance or any transactions during that time range. In other words: there are no other accounts that should be contributing anything to the delta from the beginning of time to the selected date - yet, for some reason, „Delta“ shows different values when the dataset is total portfolio vs just those accounts. And in the latter case, I can’t make any sense of the value it’s showing. Any thoughts or hints would be greatly appreciated.

Follow up: I’m pretty sure the 2nd point is a bug, which I’ve reported on github here:

Still curious about the 1st point, though :slight_smile: